In just 4 clicks, remove all data from your old PC before disposal/sale

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Clean, format, erase and secure, wipe hard disk drive (HDD) and whole computer. PC only. C drive also

Sell or reuse your old computer

Selling or giving away your computer?

For your convenience 4 Click Secure Wipe has an option to automatically keep your computer's manufacturer recovery area, providing your computer has such an area and it is instact.

If you click "keep it/sell it/donate it" & "keep recovery area" options at the download page then before wiping a new button will appear that allows you to inspect the area automatically chosen.

After wiping has completed you can follow the computer manufacturer's procedure for returning it to factory settings, known as "Recovery", that is restoring Windows and everything else that your computer came with when you first bought it, making it ready for re-use.

None of your data, programs, etc will be there anymore. The computer will be faster than before and clean with no viruses or Windows problems.

Recycle your computer with recovery partition
Important points:
  • If you just want to dispose of your computer, or already have recovery CDs you do not need recovery.
  • 4 Click Secure Wipe does not do the actual recovery, it just can preserve the special recovery area.
  • After wiping, follow your computer's manufacturer's instructions for recovery. They are usually quite simple, something like pressing Ctrl and F11 together when starting the computer.
  • Some computers do not have recovery areas. 4 Click Secure Wipe will tell you that before actually wiping. If the recovery area is damaged, missing or non-standard, it will not be preserved automatically.
Since March 2010.

You shred your papers?
Shred your old computer
too, as it contains a lot
of personal infomation!

Thanks for your great help. I've got my computer up and running again on Windows 7 (better than before as the disc is like new.
Ted Lowther, Australia.
November 2012

I downloaded it to my mac in order to use it on a windows computer. I downloaded the entire file anyway to my flash drive and it is working on my windows computer in 4 clicks as we speak. Thanks for your help!
Amy Pannaralla, USA.
October 2012