In just 4 clicks, remove all data from your old PC before disposal/sale

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Clean, format, erase and secure, wipe hard disk drive (HDD) and whole computer. PC only. C drive also

Frequently asked questions

Does the computer have to be online?
No, no internet connection is required on the target computer in order to wipe it.
You can just use a USB memory stick to transfer the program to the target computer after downloading it on another computer, even a Mac.
I have sensitive financial data on my computer, which wipe method should I use?
The single random pass is enough for most people. For especially sensitive data the triple random pass or the DOD short is better for peace of mind.
It's unlikely to ever need the DOD long with the 7 passes, but it's there for the sake for it.
I'm feeling especially paranoid, is there something I can do after wiping?
Sure, you can take out your hard drive and hit it with a ... sledge hammer! (preferably after opening the drive as the cover is strong).
But be sure to wipe first, otherwise the pieces left still contain your data.
What is a wipe "pass"?
A wipe operation that starts at the very beginning of the hard drive and ends at the end of it.
Therefore a 3 pass wipe, will wipe the whole hard drive 3 times, obviously taking 3 times as long.
How exactly is the data wiped?
The whole hard drive gets overwritten with random data. So if afterwards someone reads from it they will just see the random data. That's why one time (1 pass) is enough for most people.
Why do the other whole computer wiping programs need a CD disk and yours doesn't?
We are system software programmers with 25 years expert Operating System design knowledge and machine code expertise so we were able to develop a new technology where the whole create-a-CD-and-manage-to-start-up-the-computer-with-it difficulty is not required any more, making securely wiping your whole computer very simple.
Why do I need to type my email address before wiping?
For security! If we just had a click or two, it would be way too easy to wipe a hard drive by mistake.
For example, after downloading 4 Click Secure Wipe on one computer with the intention of wiping a different computer, it's too easy to click by mistake and open it (or click "run" when downloading it). It's important to eliminate such mistakes, as the program does what it says on the label, it will securely wipe the whole computer!
I want to re-use my computer but there is no recovery area, what now?
You might have recovery disks from when you bought the computer. Some computers come with the disks, others ask the owner to make them.
If you do not have any disks, you will need to install your Windows from scratch, by either buying or borrowing the appropriate Windows disk.
You should use the Windows serial number from the sticker on your computer.
Here is a Microsoft guide (Click "Using a custom installation option if no operating system installed").
Here is a video guide from Youtube
How many computers can I wipe?
The "Single Computer License" download is exactly what the average user needs to wipe their old computer. After wiping that computer, 4 Click Secure Wipe will have been wiped also. If you need to wipe another old computer in the future, please buy again.
This allows us to keep the price low.
Is it safe to buy from you?
It is very safe, as we never see your payment details, they remain on the payment agent's website. Our agent Paypal processes millions of payments every single day. More about Paypal.
What personal data do you collect?
Unlike other websites, due to our payment system, the only data we receive when you purchase, is your name, email address and country.
We never receive your home address or credit card numbers, which is the safest for everyone.
Which version of Windows do I have?
If you click the Start button (bottom left corner, could be a big round one), and then click with your right mouse button on the "My Computer" or "Computer" and then left click "Properties" a window will open, showing the exact Windows version on your computer.
4 Click Secure Wipe works with Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista and Windows 7. Both 32 and 64 bit.
If you have the very old Windows 95, 98 or ME (Millennium), we have a wipe program for you too, please contact us to arrange it.
My Windows is not working, can I wipe?
If your Windows is damaged, you can try to enter Safe Mode which could work: Turn on your computer and at the very beginning repeatedly press the F8 key. When the menu comes up, use the arrow keys on the keyboard to select Safe Mode and press the Enter key.
4 Click Secure Wipe usually works in Safe Mode.
If your Windows is not working at all, please contact us for an alternative.
Before wiping, I got a file missing error!
Nothing to worry about. Windows shows this error as it is confused when you remove the USB memory stick from your computer after running 4 Click Secure Wipe from it. It's better to copy 4 Click Secure Wipe onto the computer's desktop and click on there after removing the USB stick, but it doesn't really matter, it will wipe anyway.
My antivirus is complaining/interfering!
Many antiviruses do not interfere but some do.
Please ignore all complaints, and if 4 Click Secure Wipe fails to function correctly, please disable your antivirus, or un-install it. Most antiviruses can be easily disabled by right clicking with your mouse on the little antivirus icon at the bottom right of the screen where the time is, and then left-clicking on any Disable you can see there.
Please read the following answer also.
I have downloaded but it doesn't wipe!
If you are clicking on the 4ClickSecureWipe.exe icon and you have a problem, please uninstall any and all antiviruses.
Just go to your Control-Panel and Add/Remove programs (or Programs & Features on Vista/Windows 7) and click to remove any antivirus programs, for example Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky, AVG, Avast, etc and follow the instructions.
If you still have a problem and it's not antivirus related, please email us the error message.
My computer is unstable, the wipe didn't finish!
If you did not get the report screen at the end of wiping which confirms that the wipe is complete and verified, sadly your computer hardware or hard drive is unstable.
In this case your hard drive could be partially wiped, and to be 100% sure we recommend to physically destroy your hard drive, after taking it out from your computer using a hammer or a drill.
Please do it safely.
Can I pay and download using an Apple Mac?
Yes, you can just download it normally and then drag the file to a USB memory stick (not double click or open it, it wouldn't open on a Mac).
Here is a simple help page showing how to download a Windows .exe program file onto a USB memory stick using a Mac.
How will my computer look like after wiping?
After wiping is complete and you restart your computer it will be empty, the screen will be black with some text stating that it cannot boot, and needs a boot device/disk.
Your computer is now ready to dispose/recycle or give to charity, or to install a new operating system. If you have chosen wipe with recovery and 4ClickSecureWipe found a recovery area, you can initiate the manufacturer's recovery procedure.


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The process took just over an hour and I was highly impressed with how simple and efficient it was. It was so useful to have the recoveery code when someone else wishes to use it. Your service and interest have also been impressive.
Jim Redhead
January 2014, UK.